Elevator Wall Pad Measuring Simplified

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Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Company Information

Step 1

Choose the cab style that matches your elevator

Style 1
Cab Style 1, A, B, C
Style 2
Cab Style 2, A, B, C, E, F
Style 3
Cab Style 3, A, B, C, D, E, F
Style 4
Cab Style 4, A, B, E
Style 5
Cab Style 5, A, B, C, E
Style 6
Cab Style 6, A, B, C, E

Does your elevator already have wall protection pins installed?

Do you wish to order pins? These pins may need installation by your elevator maitenance company.

Step 2

Check which side(s) cutout appears

Side cutouts on left side
Side cutouts on right side

Measure Cab Walls See your cab selection in Step 1 for the letters you will measure related to your cab design.

Your cab selection:
current cab style selection

Step 3

If you have a second C.O.P or any other cutout (such as a phone) in this elevator, click 'Add Cutout' button for extra cutouts

Cutout 1
Cutout Diagram

The measurements a, b, g are taken from:

Any Additional Cutouts Needed?

Do you have a second C.O.P in this elevator cab? Or any other cutout such as a phone?

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